Welcome to Zerpenschleuse


.......the most beautiful village at the back of beyond................
Just 40 km to the north of Berlin/Germany you can relax on the banks of the ancient Finow Can
al....what more can you do in a small village? Nothing much - apart from stroking the cat, listening to music or playing the guitar of course......

Pic of the week
Concert photos of Pothead, Patti Smith and the Mixed Ladie's Choir, PJ Harvey live in Berlin.
  325 years of Zerpenschleuse
  Historic Photographs of Zerpenschleuse
  360° panoramas and panorama photographs
(Ice on the Finow Canal, Kurt Mühlenhaupt's place in Bergsdorf, Lake Werbellin, Shiplift Niederfinow and Madenburg)
  The castle Madenburg in the south of Palatinate
  Wine of the month and new favorite recipes

Pothead live www.pothead.de